The President of the United States just took to Twitter once again to continue his barrage of unwarranted attacks against the desperate authorities of Puerto Rico while continuing to praise himself for the amazing job he hasn’t done.

Hitting all his favorite punching bags – Democrats and the “fake news media” – the President of the United States continued lashing out in a pathetic attempt to cover up his failures and his laziness by distorting reality itself.

The New York Times’ star reporter, Maggie Haberman, summed up the outrageous situation in one chilling tweet – he’s trying to rewrite the truth and convince his followers that what they’re seeing on TV isn’t real.

This is not normal and this is definitely not okay. We cannot allow the president of the United States to get away with allowing three million of his own citizens to starve and thirst in darkness and floodwaters simply because they called him out for his stunning incompetence and neglect.

We cannot allow him to get away with gaslighting the nation into forgetting that he didn’t receive a single briefing on Puerto Rico for four days after Hurricane Maria hit because he was too busy fighting a racist feud with the black players of the National Football League.

We cannot allow him to convince the people that he hasn’t bungled and mismanaged this crisis from the moment it began and hide the fact that Americans are likely dead because of it.


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