No one would ever accuse Reverend O’Neal Dozier of being liberal. The one-time Jimmy Carter supporter left the Democratic Party over what he calls an “ungodly platform” promoting homosexuality and abortion that “does not line up with the word of God,” and when President Trump was elected last year, Dozier thanked God.

Now however, the reverend has seen too much from Trump and the party that enables him. This morning, Dozier left the Republican Party and issued a scathing rebuke of those who continue to support “the great divider-in-chief [who] hates everybody except the white supremacists.”

Dozier was one of the people who during the election believed that Trump the candidate would be dramatically different than Trump the candidate, reality show host, and real estate tycoon, and would somehow “reverse his views concerning black people.” But Dozier admits, “I saw after he was elected that he has not changed,” he said. “He is always attacking people of color.”

While the reverend’s come to Jesus moment comes painfully late after Trump’s decades of discrimination and abuse, it is always better for people to open their eyes eventually than never at all.

Dozier’s self-serving act, continued discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and opposition to women’s rights are reminders of the closed-mindedness that drew Dozier to Trump and Republicans to begin with. And yet, even for Dozier, it seems Trump’s behavior is too reprehensible to abide.

Soon Congressional Republicans may be the only supporters left.


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