Once again, President Donald Trump has demonstrated his uncanny ability to make literally any issue, crisis, or tragedy about him.  This time, it’s the unfolding tragedy in Puerto Rico getting the Trump treatment.

Millions of American citizens are suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, and the so-far botched recovery effort has only made matters worse.  After spending the immediate days after the storm ripped through the Caribbean island feuding with NFL players on Twitter, the President has now decided to pick a very public fight with San Juan, Puerto Rico mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

Mayor Cruz’s persistent criticisms of the federal response and her dire assessments of the situation on the ground appear to have personally offended Trump.  Now, as if on cue, Dan Scavino, the White House Director of Social Media, has jumped-in.  He dug-up an old tweet by Mayor Cruz declaring her intention to vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election because Donald Trump didn’t “deserve to be President.”

Not satisfied with this shameless retweet, Scavino also called her a “Trump hater” and an “opportunistic politician.”

Mayor Cruz has been pleading with anyone who will listen that her island territory is on the brink of chaos, and that the federal government’s response has been criminally insufficient so far.   Even Fox News has been forced to report the dire situation on the ground.

When pressed by reporters about her account earlier this week – an account echoed by many across the island and reported widely in the media – the President at first tried to ignore her pleas, instead choosing paint a rosy picture of the federal response and to highlight the measured words of Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló, who had a more even assessment of the recovery effort.

“We need to do a lot more in order for us to get out of the emergency,” he told CNN, “But the other thing that’s also true is that the administration has answered and has complied with our petitions in an expedited manner.”

When Mayor Cruz persisted and continued to issue dire accounts and make desperate pleas to the media for Washington to do more, and quickly, Trump began attacking her directly.  Now his minions are following suit.

As bad as things are on the island of Puerto Rico, the real tragedy unfolding may be the presidency itself.


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