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With Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore now accused by six women of sexual molestation when they were girls, attention has understandably returned to the sexual predator in the White House.

The many accusations against President Trump for rapeharassment, and sexual assault are well known, but an old tweet resurfaced today in which Trump brags about dating girls as young as his daughter.

A tweeter, with the handle @rexrode_lisa, “you date girls young enough to be your daughter. That’s perverted.

 At the time of the tweet (below), in 2013, Trump was 67 years old and his daughters were 32 and 20. At the assertion that his habit of dating women less than half or a third of his age was perverted, Trump responded, “No, that’s talent.”Unlike Moore, it’s true that Trump committed no crime in this case, but it tells you everything about the president’s character that he would brag openly about dating college age women while eligible for Social Security — and married.And while it’s not illegal for a 67-year-old to date a 20-year-old, Trump has no shortage of criminal accusations to his name. Truly, Special Prosecutor Mueller cannot work fast enough to hold the pervert-in-chief accountable for those crimes.

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