Senate candidate Roy Moore has just been accused of a heinous sexual assault against Beverly Young Nelson when she was just fifteen years old.

At today’s press conference, lawyer Gloria Allred revealed the harrowing details of what exactly transpired between then-District Attorney Roy Moore and Nelson.

Nelson was working as a waitress in a restaurant in Gadsden, Alabama, when she met Moore, who began flirting with her at work. He signed her yearbook

Moore waited for her to leave the restaurant, and offered to drive her home. Trusting an elected official and a senior member of the judiciary, she accepted. He began driving but instead of taking her home, he drove behind the restaurant and assaulted her:

Nelson says that she only told her mother and a few friends because she was worried about what a powerful man like Moore would do to her family – and that she had been the only victim.

These accusations are beyond horrifying and fit a pattern of behavior that has been corroborated by many who have known Judge Moore throughout his life; in addition, Nelson produced a yearbook which Moore clearly signed while she was at work at the restaurant.

Moore thought his privilege and his prominent position would protect him from the consequences of his actions. We cannot allow a notorious pedophile to join the United States Senate.

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