The wrath of nature is indiscriminate in its devastation, striking everyone in its wake whether they be rich or poor, white or black, legal or undocumented.

Legendary journalist Dan Rather took to Facebook this morning to explore how the nature of tragedies like Hurricane Harvey exposes the inherent petulance and falseness of artificial ethnic and racial divisions in a powerful essay that every American needs to read – but especially President Donald Trump, who insists on playing the politics of xenophobia and racism to distract from his staggering incompetence.

Race, citizenship, ethnicity, religion – all these things are social constructs designed to alienate you from your fellow human, to look upon him with suspicion and fear, to put you in competition with them and thus render yourself a more malleable pawn for the ruling elites to exploit.

It’s deeply distressing to know that it takes a tragedy like Hurricane Harvey for us to put aside our differences and recognize our shared bond of humanity in the face of powers beyond our control.

So it is critical that we do not forget the lessons of Hurricane Harvey and the heroism that people of every race and class and gender showed in the face of the uncaring choler of the heavens. When the waters are dried and the dead buried and the cities rebuilt, we must not forget those who sacrificed to save the lives of others – and remember that we’re all just humans at the end of the day/ COLIN TAYLOR


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