The Trump Train is a runaway locomotive, an obnoxious gilded behemoth careening off the tracks, demolishing American’s standing in the world in the process. In a few short months, Trump has racked up a litany of scandals at home and weakened American diplomacy abroad. As the string of interminable blunders continues, it’s hard to resist the urge to look back and compare Trump’s current standing to our previous president’s.

This time eight years ago, Obama’s big “scandal” was that he was on a date with First Lady Michelle in New York City.

Republicans lambasted the trip, saying that it was a waste of taxpayer money. FOX News published attack articles on the trip. The RNC went as far as to release a statement:

“As President Obama prepares to wing into Manhattan’s theater district on Air Force One to take in a Broadway show, GM is preparing to file bankruptcy and families across America continue to struggle to pay their bills.”

The same Republicans have been hypocritically quiet about Trumps’ repeated, exorbitantly expensive trips down to his Mar-a-Lago estate to golf. Their pettiness and calls for fiscal responsibility seem to extend only to Democratic presidents. It should also be noted that Obama went on to save not only GM, but the entire American automotive industry.

Compare the invented NYC scandal to Trump’s current predicament: a legislative agenda stuck in the mud after the House forced through a version of Trumpcare which the Senate has declined to endorse, a failed Muslim Ban, a disastrous foreign trip in which Trump alienated NATO, a constant string of angry, undignified Twitter rants, and – most importantly – an ever widening Russian collusion investigation that threatens to implode his entire presidency.

Eight years ago today, Barack Obama was as new to the presidency as Trump is now. Both of them were still figuring out just what kind of leader they would be. That’s where the similarities end.

In his first one hundred days, Obama had passed a crucial stimulus bill, pulling America out of an economic down spiral. Trump’s first one hundred days saw a bumbling effort to remove health care from 23 million Americans. Obama’s job approval rating was at 63%. Trump’s is currently at 41%.

Trump has already proven himself to be an utterly incapable president, but his grade only worsens when put in the context of his predecessor. President Obama would be a hard act to follow for even a competent Republican, let alone one as grossly incompetent as Trump. He was elected on a promise to Make America Great Again. So far all he’s done is Make A Fool Of Us.

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