This morning, the political landscape was rocked by the historic indictments of three Trump associates, including his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

But you wouldn’t know it to watch Republican propaganda channel, Fox News.

The pretend news network ignored the matter entirely this morning, opting insteard to deflect attention to matters ranging from football to a cheeseburger emoji controversy.

Now, Fox is acknowledging that the indictments existed, but only in an attempt to smear the judge presiding over the them — even sinking so low as to drag her son into their hit piece.

In its story on U.S. District Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson, Fox News led not with information about her but with her son’s struggle with drugs, saying she “has experienced the criminal justice system firsthand — when her son was convicted of dealing heroin.”

After focusing briefly on a political contribution from Robinson more than a quarter century ago, to the campaign of then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton, Fox News returned to the the judge’s son:

“In 2014, she watched her son, Philip Robinson Winkfield, get led away in handcuffs after he was sentenced to five years in federal prison for possession of heroin and intent to distribute, Tickle the Wire reported.”

That Fox purports these facts to be relevant to the national discourse, but not the indictments themselves, is an utterly absurd and a flagrant attempt corrupt justice in the court of public opinion.

Special Prosecutor Mueller however, will not be fooled as easily as Fox viewers. While the network can deny reality for now, they cannot prevent it from catching up with our corrupt president.


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