In his desperation to frame Hillary Clinton as the real criminal amid a slew of charges filed today by special counselor Robert Mueller against former Trump administration officials, Fox News’ Sean Hannity referred to the former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate as “President Clinton” in the opening monologue of his show.

“What did President Clinton, or President Clinton wannabe, President Obama, or key members of the Obama administration, what did they know about the Uranium One deal,” Hannity said.

Hannity’s gaffe occurred amidst Fox’s attempts to change the narrative from the very real charges filed today against Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos to the altogether legal Uranium One nuclear deal.

MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid, for her part, wholly debunked this conspiracy theory in an interview that has since gone viral.

While Hannity’s label may have been accidental, but rest assured, most of America echoes this hopeful sentiment./

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