Republicans in Congress today – most notably resident village idiot Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) – tried to hijack the House Judiciary Committee’s interview with Attorney General Jeff Sessions today and divert attention away from his involvement in the Trump campaign’s efforts to collude with agents of the Russian Federation by once again rehashing the widely debunked “Uranium One” conspiracy theory.

Gohmert became an instant online sensation when he displayed a chart on the floor of Congress that attempted to portray how Clinton and the Obama administration colluded to sell our uranium to the Russians, while clumsily shoving in every other conspiracy theory the right-wing has lost its collective mind over during the past eight years,

Gohmert and other Republicans tried to get Sessions to agree to create an independent counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration over this nonscandal, and even Sessions had to admit it was ridiculous. 

The Uranium One deal that was approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department… and the nine other cabinet members on the Committee of Foreign investment in the United States, nine other federal agencies, and on top of that, the Utah Division of Radiation Control. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, which Robert Mueller was director of when the deal was arranged, is not typically in charge of “investigating” the sale of nonenriched uranium.

But the way Republicans tell the tale, you’d think Hillary Clinton snuck out of the White House wearing a bandit mask with a comically large sack marked with the nuclear symbol on it and gave it to a Russian in exchange for an equally large sack marked with the dollar sign on it.

FOX’s Shep Smith has had enough of the outrageous accusations being leveled about the “Uranium One” deal by his fellow Republicans – and by his coworkers on a nightly basis – and destroyed the conspiracy theory in an epic thirty-second rant that all FOX News viewers need to see:

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