Congress is on recess this week, and our elected representatives have returned to their districts – ostensibly to hold town halls and to engage with their constituents, the people who have entrusted them to represent their interests and to fight for their well-being in our nation’s capitol.

But this is a particularly tense weekend for Republicans who made the appalling decision to vote for President Trump’s Obamacare “repeal and replace” plan, the American Healthcare Act (or “Trumpcare”), which the Congressional Budget Office just revealed would strip health insurance away from 23 million Americans – especially Republicans like Darrell Issa, who was the deciding vote on the bill and who is in great danger of losing his job next year.

The people of California’s 49th District were none too pleased with Issa’s vote, as was evidenced by the gauntlet of protestors he had to run to get to his office this morning.

When he got there, he literally climbed up to the roof and began filming his protestors, likely planning to call the police.

This image is a perfect summation of the modern Republican Party. After voting against the interests of their constituents for a deeply unpopular bill, Issa doesn’t have the integrity or the guts to face the wrath of his constituents but instead climbs a pedestal to avoid the consequences of his actions.

While he is one of six Republicans to hold town halls after their Trumpcare vote, he’s pre-screening the attendees, saying the event is at capacity, then reportedly giving a registration promo code to his supporters.

It’s this kind of trickery that Republicans resort to avoid engaging with their constituents in an abdication of their duties and a clear signal that their loyalties no longer lie with the people who elected them. That problem, thankfully, has a very simple solution.

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