Trump has turned the American presidency into the trashiest reality show on television. His constant childish meltdowns would be funny if he didn’t wield such enormous power. As it is, the most powerful man in the world is a crude ignoramus.

Today, Jerry Springer, host of the sensationalist talk show Jerry Springer – infamous for its lowbrow drama centering around paternity tests, familial bickering, and outright brawls – took to Twitter to troll Donald Trump.

Springer – whose show has hosted such characters as “The Kung-Fu Hillbilly” and “The Man Who Married His Horse” – is an expert in indecent behavior, and it’s not difficult to imagine Trump appearing on his show. Springer is also the former mayor of Cinccinatti, and as such is also well-versed in political decorum. The two spheres, when combined, make him uniquely qualified to attack Trump’s behavior.

The first tweet was followed by another:

Springer’s point, that Trump isn’t just unacceptable as a president, but also as a basic, decent human being, is astute. Were Trump not the president, were he not a billionaire, he would be treated like a common boor, like the detestable vulgarian he is

Springer’s tweets come the day after Trump’s schoolyard bully harassment of Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski. The president has so demeaned his office that he is now feuding with the hosts of a morning talk show. He is inarguably the least dignified man to ever hold his office.

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