Today’s terrifying ballistic missile scare in Hawaii was a shocking wake-up call for the American people, hammering home the grim reality that President Trump’s incessant provocation of North Korea is putting millions of lives in very real danger.

The fact that he was golfing during the 40 minutes between the alert and the announcement that it was a mistake just drives home how dangerously incompetent our president is.

Even worse, we must grapple with the realization that his laziness might have saved us from an impulsive nuclear counter-attack that could have precipitated a nuclear holocaust the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Beloved actor Jim Carrey, who was in Hawaii during the scare, took to Twitter to share his anger and frustration with President Donald Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress:


Needless to say, he is absolutely right. We had a glimpse today into how the President might react to the unthinkable – and “do nothing, continue golfing, and then tweet about the 2016 election” is not the reaction we were looking for.//

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