Comedian Kathy Griffin is facing backlash on social media after posing with a a bloodied, decapitated head that resembles President Donald Trump.

The 56-year-old outspoken Trump critic posed for the gory shot during a photo session with famed photographer Tyler Shields, which was first obtained by TMZ.

The TMZ exclusive reports claims that Kathy joked that she and Tyler “would need to move to Mexico once the pics got released, for fear they’d be thrown in prison.”

“Tyler and I are not afraid to do images that make noise,” Griffin said in a behind-the-scenes video released Tuesday.

Griffin adds: “We have to move to Mexico today because we’re going to go to prison.”

Here’s a sampling of the Twitter backlash:

In a March interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on “Hardball,” Griffin called Trump “an idiot” and “so embarrassing.”

“What an idiot. We gotta watch this idiot for an hour and nine minutes? He just says one hateful thing after the other. He’s so embarrassing,” Griffin said.

“Just from the beginning, you know, Melania comes in with the sequin jacket and all the white guys are like, ‘Hey she’s hot, maybe if I’m like him I could get her.’ The whole sham from the beginning.”

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