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The country is finally waking up to what many on the left — especially those of color — have been saying for years now: Donald J. Trump is a vile racist.

His comments yesterday that El Salvador, Haiti, and Africa are “shitholes” from which we shouldn’t be taking immigrants has rendered it impossible for his supporters to claim any longer that he is anything other than an avowed bigot. Trump is a white supremacist hiding in plain sight, and it’s nothing less than cowardly to deny it.

Now, another stunning racist sentiment from our president has surfaced to fan the flames of global outrage.

NBC News reports that in March, during a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus, an attendee stated that welfare cuts would negatively affect her constituents, adding that not all of them are black.

“Really? Then what are they?” Trump asked, apparently unable to fathom the idea that anyone other than African Americans might benefit from social welfare programs.

The fact that he was willing to make such a blatantly racist comment in a meeting with the Black Caucus show just how deeply ingrained his bigotry is. Trump not only assumes every person benefitting from welfare is black, he assumes everyone else assumes it as well.

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