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Earlier today, President Trump rolled back an Affordable Care Act mandatethat forced companies to provide birth control to employees as part of their health insurance plans. This latest disgusting attack on women was a blatant effort to pander to the religious right, who went to the polls in droves to support a man who has previously never espoused any sort of deeply held Christian beliefs.

Why anyone would believe an avowed sexual predator, racist, and conman is representative of moral values is one of the central paradoxes of the Evangelical voting block.

Now, Newsweek has revealed their new cover, which mocks Trump’s faux-piety by parodying Michaelangelo’s famous The Creation of Adam with the splashed title “DOES GOD BELIEVE IN TRUMP?” 

Trump is depicted pointing at a stunned creator and telling him, “you’re fired.” It’s a clear indictment of Trump’s convenient “transformation” from a sinner into a Christian morality crusader.

Anyone who has taken even a cursory glance at Trump’s long sordid past realizes that he, like many other Republicans, is pretending to be religious to milk votes from credulous Christian Americans. It’s a horribly transparent ploy that has also proved to be horribly effective./

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