You may not want to think about Ted Cruz and sex in the same sentence, but this week made that simple request nigh impossible. Two days ago, the verified account for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) “liked” a pornographic video on Twitter involving a stepmother, stepdaughter, and her boyfriend.

It was a hilarious, stunning, moment that set the internet abuzz with jokes, many of them centering around Cruz’s platitudes about Christian values, his attacks on reproductive rights, and his defense of a ban on sex toys.

As they say — or as they should say —”Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t watch fetish porn near the window.” Cruz, as an adult, is free to partake in whatever legal sexual activity he wants in the privacy of his home, but he has no right to attack others for their own proclivities.

The Cruz team has since attempted to do damage control by calling the incident a “staffing error,” implying it was the fault of one of the several people with access to the Twitter account and had nothing to do with Cruz personally.

Now, Cruz himself has appeared on CNN to address his porn scandal.

“We had a staffer who accidentally hit the wrong button,” Cruz claimed. As soon as his team realized it they “pulled it down” Cruz said, using a poor choice of words.



There’s no real way to know if Cruz is telling the truth, but the fact that a sitting senator had to appear on television to discuss Twitter pornography is a sad commentary on the state of our public discourse under President Trump./

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