Trump received a harsh welcome to the Philippines as protestors took to the streets to oppose an American president who many view as a cryptofascist and white supremacist sympathizer. One display, in particular, got a lot of attention.

Protestors from the artist group Ugat Lahi created a 13-foot tall effigy of Donald Trump depicting his limbs as the lines of a swastika, reports The HillIn one hand he holds a bag of money, in another a gun, in another a missile, and another a backhoe. The arms move in a circle, animating the effigy as it burns and the crowd shouts “no Trump” and “no fascist USA.”

It’s a clever creation and offers yet another disturbing glimpse into how the rest of the world views Trump. His administration is steadily destroying America’s reputation abroad and turning the citizens of foreign nations against us.

Whereas we were once seen as the vanguards of liberty and moral leadership, much of the world now views us as a nation of hateful bigots. Once Trump is gone it will be a herculean task convincing other countries to trust us again.



Trump has enthusiastically embraced Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, a man who has been waging a bloody war against drug addicts in his country, with no regard for civil rights. Duterte also previously used vulgar language in reference to President Obama.

It’s little surprise that the people of the Philippines, many of whom are suffering under Duterte’s reign, would be less than thrilled about the current American president praising him./

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