During a town hall in Arkansas, Representative Steve Womack (R-AR), who casually chatted with white constituents, was posed a question by Daniella Scott, a black woman living in his district. Rather than engage her, the Republican lawmaker opted to ignore his constituent, a move to which she did not take kindly.

Scott was hoping to ask the Republican representative his position on keeping a Confederate statue in Bentonville, Arkansas. Womack, for his part, was not intent on answering.

“Every town hall that I’ve seen of yours, I have seen people of color in the audience trying to get you to answer a question and you’ve just absolutely refused to do it. That’s why I’m here today, because you will not answer my question.”

Scott even attempts to bring attention to the lawmaker by asking again loudly enough for all in attendance to hear in order to prove that Womack has no intention of engaging her. To her dismay – albeit perhaps not her surprise – he continues to ignore her while treating himself to a plate of cake.

Scott can be heard repeatedly asking the lawmaker on numerous occasions to “please answer my question.” Each time, Womach pretends she doesn’t exist.

“I am one of your constituents. I live in Harrison and I am just trying to get you to answer my question. I’m being very respectful right now, and you’re purposefully ignoring me just like you’ve purposefully ignored me at every town hall I’ve gone to,” Scott says. “Mr. Womach, will you please answer my question?”

“You are really going to keep walking away and not even give me two seconds of your time? Am I that worthless to you as your constituent? Am I that worthless to you as your constituent that you can’t even answer my question?”

Daniella Scott may not have gotten any words out of her representative, but his actions speak volumes./washingtonpress.com

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