Press Secretary Sean Spicer made his ignominious return to the public spotlight today with his first White House press briefing since President Trump’s disastrous trip overseas. As is now common with this administration, he focused on avoiding any hard questions, obfuscating the facts, and outright lying.

Much of the press corps’s attention was focused on Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner and the recent Washington Post bombshell that revealed he sought to establish a secret back channel with Russia. Spicer offered no real explanation or defense of Kushner’s actions.

After the heat grew too intense the Press Secretary abruptly removed himself from the proverbial kitchen in typical Spicer fashion.

On the way out, a reporter called out asking “Is Kushner fake news?” Spicer ignored the question, and the room immediately booed him.

It appears that after a week in which rumors of his firing swirled around social media, Spicer is already back to his old habits of disrespecting the free press and conducting himself dishonestly towards the American public. Rather than tackle scandals head on, he ignores them all together, and the White House’s credibility degrades even further.

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