In an absolutely stunning turn of events, the government of the United States is now officially mocking one of the leaders of Puerto Rico for having the nerve to ask for help from their colonial overlords.

The Mayor of Puerto Rico’s capital of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, has been appearing on television in order to plead with the nation for help, showing great emotion in her heartbreaking appeals to the government and to the citizens of the United States.

However, those appeals have fallen on deaf ears as our egomaniacal president has interpreted her words as criticism of his appallingly muted and long-delated reaction to the suffering of the three million American citizens that live in Puerto Rico.

Now the White House itself is mocking her for her pleassaying that perhaps she “might be too busy doing TV” to meet with Trump when he visits on Tuesday.

“She has been invited to FEMA command center several times to see operations and be part of efforts but so far has refused to come, maybe too busy doing TV?”

It is beyond infuriating to hear the White House take cheap potshots at Mayor Cruz, who, for the record, has been working around the clock to personally direct the relief efforts while the President enjoys himself at his golf course for the 66th time in nine months of office.

Nothing demonstrates that the racists in the White House don’t care about the suffering of Americans more than making fun a real leader who is desperately trying to help her people.


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