As Donald Trump returns to New York City for the first time since becoming president, he can expect to be greeted by not only protests, but unfavourable posters plastered throughout his home state.

The city has been decorated with anti-Trump stickers and New York resident Tim Olmstead has been documenting them all on his Instagram page ‘Resistrump‘ for the past two months.

Having always been a fan of street art and graffiti, Tim – a fundraiser for a non-profit called Food & Water Watch and avid photographer – noticed a surprising number of scrawls and posters around the city soon after Trump’s inauguration in January.

The 32-year-old said: “One day I was walking home and I noticed that someone had scribbled ‘Fuck Trump’ on the Manhattan Bridge. I decided to keep track of how much anti-Trump stuff I saw on my walk home and it was a lot… I don’t remember how many exactly, but enough that I was surprised by it.

“I was also surprised by the creativity of some of the stickers and posters. Once I had a critical mass I just started putting them up”.

Tim was – like many others across the world – shocked by the presidential election results and uses his Instagram page as a way to “channel that energy into something that’s somewhat positive”.

He added: “And I love to walk around NYC – it’s my favorite hobby. This gives me an excuse to take the scenic route a lot of the time.”

As far as favourites go, the sticker of Trump’s distinguishable coiffed hair with the word “NO” written underneath, sits at the top for Tim. He’s also a fan of the “’Impeach Trump” poster, with the president’s face in a peach emoji.

With over 2,000 followers and counting, the reaction to Resistrump has been pretty great.

Tim said: “I never thought so many people would start following it. I’m glad people like it – I’m not planning on stopping any time soon”.

Despite the fact it’s Trump’s home state, 59% of people in New York voted for Hillary Clinton in the November election.

Shortly after Trump was announced president-elect, several protests broke out across the US – including in New York – and many more erupted following his January inauguration and the implementation of some of his controversial executive orders.

Trump’s New York City visit on Thursday includes a meeting with Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull with whom he will commemorate the 75th anniversary of a World War II naval battle aboard the USS Intrepid.

Hundreds of New York City police officers will stand guard by the Intrepid and Trump Tower, where planned protests are expected to take place.

The president is not expected to spend the night at his Fifth Avenue home, and instead is thought to be heading to his private golf club in New Jersey.

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