President Trump traveled to Wisconsin on Tuesday to tout his “Buy American, Hire American” executive order, and decided to give House Speaker Paul Ryan a shout out.

During his speech at the Snap-on tool factory in Kenosha, Trump referred to Ryan as “Ron,” mixing up his name with Sen. Ron Johnson, who was also in attendance.

Here’s what Trump actually said at the event:

And although he could not be here, today, my thanks go to Speaker Ryan, who’s represented this city for nearly two decades in Congress. And you know where he is? He’s with NATO. And, so, he has a good excuse. I said, ‘Ron make sure these people start—paying their bills, a little more, you know, they’re way, way behind, Ron. We have to—I’m gonna talk to you about that, Ron, but Paul, you’re over with NATO get ’em to pay their bills. And Ron, you have to work on that too….


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