President Trump just held a ceremony to honor civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. today, proclaiming the birthplace of the famous martyr a national historic site.

But the furor that yesterday’s racist remarks had stirred up isn’t dying down anytime soon – that much was made clear by the press’s reactions after the ceremony.

During a meeting on immigration yesterday, President Trump referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as “shitholes” and groused that the United States didn’t receive more immigrants from places like Norway, where the population is mostly white.

The scandal hung over the ceremony, rendering his words honoring a civil rights leader today all the more hollow and empty.

Right off the bat, things started on a sour note:

When the signing ceremony was over – complete with the usual comically large signing pen – the President fled the room while the press demanded to know if he was a “racist” and other variations of the question with “shithole” interjected in.

I still can’t believe I’m hearing White House reporters yell the word “shithole” at the President as he exits the room. What a time to be alive…

— Yashar Ali

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