The president of the United States, somehow entirely oblivious to the fact that the entire nation is reeling from this morning’s Hawaii ballistic missile false alarm, once again abandoned his duty to the people of this nation and instead took to Twitter to complain about how he’s being treated unfairly by “fake news.”

The president is, of course, referring to Fire and Fury, the explosive book by Michael Wolff that makes devastating allegations about the behind-the-scenes chaos and dysfunction of the Trump campaign and his administration.

While Wolff’s checkered past and curious remarks have done himself no favors, the consistency of all the stories that emerge about Trump – the portrait of him as a racist, sexist, ignorant over-grown toddler – all reinforce the likelihood of the allegations being true.

But all of that is beside the point. Millions of Americans thought they were going to die in a nuclear holocaust this morning – and all the president cares about is boasting about the 2016 election and complaining about how the press is mean to him.//

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