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Trump has made a lot of enemies south of the border with his hateful, xenophobic rhetoric but few are as vocally critical of the failing American administration as former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada. He’s the man behind the now-infamous viral tweet about Trump’s proposed border wall:

Today, Fox hit another home run with his latest Twitter attack on our incompetent president:

Fox is clearly taking a jab at the fact that Trump has proven himself utterly incapable of maintaining a fully staffed White House. Friday saw the ousting of Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, and today brought the firing of Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci only ten days after he accepted the job. The entire American government has been reduced to a circus, with all the dignity of a failing reality television series. Trump is good at stirring up drama for the news cycle, and completely incapable of governing.

Fox’s trolling shows how far the U.S. presidency has fallen in the estimation of the rest of the world. He previously released a hilarious video likening the president to a spoiled child, albeit one with his finger on the nuclear button:

Trump deserves neither respect or admiration, and Fox is giving him neither.

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