The Trump administration just mocked the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, for appearing on the news to beg for help for her and the beleaguered citizens of hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico.

The snarky remark from a White House official that she might be “too busy doing TV” to meet with the President – who is at his golf course right now – really boils the blood, especially when you consider what she’s actually doing.

Mayor Cruz is busy directing the relief efforts for the people of San Juan, working tirelessly to coordinate distribution of supplies and personally searching for hurricane victims herself.

It is beyond infuriating to hear the White House take cheap potshots at Mayor Cruz, who, for the record, has been working around the clock to personally direct the relief efforts while the President enjoys himself at his golf course for the 66th time in nine months of office.

Nothing demonstrates that the racists in the White House don’t care about the suffering of Americans more than making fun a real leader who is desperately trying to help her people.


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